Venice is the city that welcomed me, and this city has given me great satisfaction in my work as a caterer. 
In order to express my very strong link with the city in a positive way, in 2008 I joined the Veneziani x Venezia (Venetians for Venice) project with great enthusiasm, and together with my family chose to restore the seven fireplaces in the Doge’s apartment of the Doge’s Palace. The 21st October 2009 saw the inauguration of the fireplace in the Scarlatti Hall of the Doge’s Palace, the late fifteenth-century work of Pietro Lombardo. 
I never thought that one day I would have the chance to link my name with the history of these beautiful works of art, or that they would give me new ideas for my work. 
In fact, my staff and I started to revisit 16th century Venetian cooking to give us inspiration for new ideas. In particular, we have interpreted with a modern twist some recipes that were in use in the years when the fireplaces were built, following the directions written by the cook and the scribe in an ancient document.



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